Lake Havasu Ride Recap

Go AZ Motorcycles, Peoria - December 3, 2016

by El Presidente

The day started with me running behind and nursing a cold.  I tried to stay in bed to the last possible moment and luckily, the start point at Go AZ Motorcycles of Peoria is just over a 30 minute ride for me.  After grabbing gas at the Circle K less than a stone's throw from the dealership, I rolled over, parked, took my helmet off, said some hellos and went right into holding the rider's meeting.

We then all headed to our bikes and proceeded on our route to Lake Havasu.  This has been a yearly ride that I've put together since I took over as president of the AZRATPack back when we were a Triumph-centric club.  It made sense to take our Brit-bikes over a piece of London, no?  Today, it is nice, mellow winter's ride to end the year.

From the start, we spent a lot of time fighting cool temperatures and winds.  The run up Parker Dam Rd on the California side of the Colorado River presented it's own challenges.  Along with the wind, the road has it's share of twists with blind corners.  Add to that a smattering of donkeys and err, "road apples" as El Vice Chino Loco Presidente politely put it.

Lunch at the Javelina Cantina was good as usual as was the conversation!  It was great to see some new faces on this ride along with the usual suspects.

We have replaced this ride for 2017 and will be going to Bagdad instead to change things up, but we'll be looking forward to a return to Lake Havasu in 2018.  Enjoy the photos below!

2016-12-03 Lake Havasu Ride

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