Mission San Xavier Ride Recap

GO AZ Motorcycles Scottsdale

Today was going to be a beautiful day for a ride through the desert to see the San Xavier Mission in Tucson. As I pushed out of the garage to start the day it was a brisk 40 degrees outside, so I cranked up the seat warmer and grip warmer to MAX in order to stay warm on the way to GO AZ in Scottsdale. Upon arrival I only noticed a few members and thought maybe others decided it was too cold to ride today, fortunately I was incorrect as many others arrived a short time later. We had John & his wife Lorraine from GO AZ joining us on the ride today as well assisting us with paperwork, which is always important..

It was one of my many types of enjoyable rides as we headed out to the desert on a two lane road so one could enjoy the scenery. Running sweep I am on the lookout for others that might have stopped for gas or a break, however today I missed them all when the main group stopped for gas. Thus, I continued on through the Saguaro National Park and on into the Tucson Mountain Park which were both beautiful and a joy to see for the first time. A few of us arrived at the Mission ahead of the main group and decided to check it out along with the treats and gifts that were for sale just outside the mission. When checking out historical churches and places of religion I am always amazed at the time and effort put into the details of each. After enjoying the Mission we headed out for lunch which was just down the road a bit. As luck had it the restaurant had just enough tables for the group and as usual good food & conversation was had by all.

We had several new riders join us for this ride and we look forward to seeing them again on the next ride, breakfast or dinner!