GO AZ Motorcycles, Scottsdale, AZ – April 6, 2018

by El Chino Loco

Aliens appear at GOAZ Motorcycles. In an odd turn of circumstances aliens appeared and mingled with participants of the recent AZRATPack 2018 Alien Invasion Tour. News of the tour reached far and wide with riders coming from as far as Calgary, AB CAN, northern, southern California and of course locales all across Arizona and New Mexico. 35 rider and some tag along aliens made the journey visiting the going to the Very Large Array (seen in the movie Contact), TRINITY Bomb Site (location of the worlds first nuclear explosion) and Alien Museum in Roswell, NM. (always mysterious place)

 For the locals the ride was 1000-1150 miles in duration, other traveled in measurement so of light years.. First day destination was Socorro, NM (Spanish for assist me). On the way the group visited “The House” restaurant in Show Low, AZ. Upon arrival the local fire department greeted us and assured of we discovered a great place. The menu of burgers, salads and other yummy creations was very interesting with daily specials like potato salad burger and a PB&J burger with Jalapeno jelly. Some got ice cream after lunch at the Red Barn Creamery on the property. I was told by all everything was very tasty. Owner Chris Corbin came out to greet us and expressed thanks for the RatPack visiting his establishment.

 From Show Low it was off to Socorro, NM. Along the way you encounter places like PieTown and Datil (you figure out how its said and don’t blink you may not even see it). Then you arrive at the Large Array, dish antennas used to look into the depths of space. Some of the group made it in time to get to the gift shop at the visitors center, some in time to get a quick look before sunset. Some said they saw Godzilla snow birding on the property. He has been known to frequent the location.

 Dinner in Socorro at the Socorro Springs restaurant proved challenging as the local restaurants get swamped by the people flowing into the region to goto the first of 2 days the Trinity Bomb site is open to the public. One group got sorta served, one group got served, one group got left behind. Everyone seemed to take it ,,,,, well. Some accepted others leftovers as their dinner. Most said the pizzas were good and the beer! At dinner the 50/50 was drawn and Woody Phillips won $150. Congrats to Woody, he kindly offered to donate it back to the RatPack but we prefer he enjoy his winnings. Overnight in Socorro proved challenging for some claiming poor sleep, probably from aliens beaming waves around the entire region.

 It was planned for the riders to be at the entrance to the bomb site early. Early in then out towards Roswell, NM. The group woke up to a brisk morning, temps in the mid-forties, and headed to the Trinity Bomb site. Having located the Stallion Gate entrance to the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) the group lined up with a long line of cars from all over the US and many foreigners from a number of countries.

 Passing security was simple ad you followed the roads toward the actual site. Upon parking there were food vendors selling Atomic Burgers and hot dogs. One person noticed the grill did not use heat to cook the food, it was, just cooking by itself, very odd. Similarly a bottle of water dropped on the group came to a boil within a few seconds. Huh very odd.

 There were people there to answer questions about the history as well as a mocked up of the original bomb and a landmark marking the site. We all wondered if somebody climbed on the bomb Dr Strangelove style would anybody mind? The White Sands National Park group was there selling souvenirs and other glowing items.  Samples of Trinitite were on display, radioactive glass from the sand that melted under the atomic blast.  It is illegal to remove it from the site.

 Time to go, off to Roswell. Arriving in Roswell people lunched at Big Ds a local favorite establishment as well as other Mexican restaurants in the area.  Most made the trip to the Alien Museum and visited the many alien shops along Main Street to acquire out of the world souvenirs.

 Las Cruces, NM was the dinner stop and the official end of the ride. Dinner was at the St Clair Winery and Bistro. Many expressed how nice the restaurant was, it was a great way to end the day before the long haul home the next day. Las Cruces was selected as the stop for the day as other locales put the return journey to PHX a very long long day in the seat.

 Sunday, AM many put the after burners on and headed home after leaving their footsteps at the Trinity bombsite and visiting with Aliens.  Looking at the pictures some of the aliens traveled with us for the entire trip. Many encountered strong desert winds on the ride home.

 Side Note: Some riders went onto to visit Carlsbad Caverns, 80 miles south of Roswell. This added another day to the overall trip. Carlsbad Caverns is served by an elevator which takes you 75 stories down from the visitors center to the main cavern. It was broken. It was walk or NOT. Everyone walked. It was a challenge as kids RAN by me on the path.. not to trip them. The group ended the day in West El Paso after fighting with high winds all day, next day they made it back thru Columbus, NM (where Pancho Villa encountered the US Army) , thru Bisbee, AZ for lunch then a warm/hot return home to Phoenix.

 The AZRATPack would like to thank our sponsor GOAZ motorcycles of Scottsdale, the Southern California Motorcycle Association, American Motorcycle Association and numerous GREAT friends and first timers that came out to participate in this event.  Stay tuned for next year as the 6th year of the Alien tour will take you to more fascinating and unusual places extraterrestrial/atomic places.

2018-04-06-08 Alien Invasion Grand Tour




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