August Club Breakfast Recap

Mamma’s Kitchen Café – Humbolt, AZ

The thought when selecting Mamma’s Kitchen in Dewey was that the temperature would make for a nice cool ride out then smoking hot back into town.  However, this monthly breakfast was set to be a bit different than usual due to this Monsoon season being more productive than the past few years. As the days leading up to this breakfast produced quite a bit of rain & flooding for many of us throughout Maricopa County.

The morning of the ride was predicted to be rainy & cold so many of us opted to four wheel it this morning to breakfast. In fact so many of us did that when I arrived in my car there were no motorcycles in the lot & thought maybe everyone decided to skip breakfast due to the inclement weather. Upon entering the restaurant though the group was easy to locate as we all had shorts & light jackets on.

However, as we began ordering more arrived and this time on motorcycles. They seemed rather confused that we opted for comfort of the automobile instead of layers for motorcycle riding. As conversation turned to recent trips and great riding experiences the laughter increased. The food arrived and was delicious as was the company to share it with this morning.