Club Bylaws Update

by El Presidente

As our club grows and evolves, it’s necessary to modify or change our bylaws.  These changes are presented to and voted on by the AZRATPack Board of Directors.  The following amendments have been added to our bylaws:


To promote responsible and safe motorcycle activities for AZRATPack members by conducting activities and encouraging participation in our, our affiliates and AMA Sanctioned events. Our activities and operations shall be conducted in a manner consistent with a family oriented, non- political, non-religious philosophy.

Group riding is a very enjoyable event if some basic group safe riding practices are observed.  The following group safe riding practices are to be observed on all AZRATPack group rides.

1) Observance of the 2 second following rule. (Maintain at least a 2 second interval between yourself and the motorcycle directly in front of you in your line)

2) Stay in the lane the group is traveling in.

3) Ride in a staggered formation with at least a one-second interval between you and the bike staggered in front of you.

4) When riding on single lane roads, the group will ride in single file, not staggered

5) Lead riders maintain a pace that allows the group to stay together and slow down if the group becomes separated so that the group can catch up and reform.

6) Do not cut in and out of the group formation. However, if you need to remove yourself from the group due to a hazard, do so safely by using head checks, signals, and making sure you do not interfere with another rider.

7) All ride participants will use safe riding hand signals and head checks on all group rides.

8) A rider, driver, or passenger under the influence of alcohol or any impairing substances is never permitted on AZRATPack rides.

9) Do not hinder, interfere, or otherwise stop motorists from entering the group so they can enter or exit or make necessary turns or lane changes as safely and as quickly as possible.

10) When adjusting the staggered formation, the cross over method should be used. However, it is also not necessary to correct the formation.

11) Obey all traffic laws.

12) Everyone is responsible for their own safety.

Road Captains/Ride Leaders are expected to share the ride conduct and group safe riding practices with attendees before a ride and ensure execution of waivers and release forms as required.


The consumption and use of alcohol or any imparing substance is a serious personal responsibility involving the safety and welfare of family, riding friends and the individual AZRATPack member.

Consumption of alcohol (or any imparing substance) before or during a motorcycling activity is not safe responsible behavior.

The AZRATPack Board of Directors has voted to establish this clear and simple policy pertaining to the consumption of alcoholic beverages (or any imparing substance) before and during AZRATPack rides.

At no time during an AZRATPack ride will anyone in the group be under the effects of drugs or alcoholic beverages.

An AZRATPack ride is defined as the period between sign-up at the starting point and kickstands-down at the final destination of the day.

Notice: Liquor liability coverage is not provided by the AMA General Liability Insurance Policy.

 Click here to view the complete AZRATPack Bylaws.