February 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

Haymaker, Peoria, AZ – February 9, 2020

by  Stephen Stoops

It was a chilly morning for a ride out to breakfast. The full moon hanging in the Western sky was gorgeous. There was an excellent turnout with some 25 people showing up for breakfast. The restaurant accommodated us by putting us all back in one section towards the back of the restaurant.

We were all at Separate tables but in groups of six or eight each. They stepped right up for service and waited on everyone promptly. The food came out rather sporadically but all of the food was wonderful.

We had several new people show up. Welcome to Paul Traiforos, Charlie Humme and Randy Zeine. I tried to walk around and say hi to everyone as best I could. If I missed saying hi to you, catch you next time. Several people went for additional rides afterwards as it was a beautiful day.

Since many of you know me it will not surprise you to know that I noticed this place had a bar. While it was too early to drink I did have to go up and check out what kind of bourbon collection they had. I was pleasantly surprised that they had a very, very good selection of Premium Bourbons. Highly recommend this place for a good drink and good food.