July 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

Iron Springs Café, Prescott, AZ – July 9, 2017

by El Presidente

Our monthly 2nd Sunday Breakfast in Prescott created us with some welcome 75 degree temperatures along with some clouds in the sky!  So much better than the 112 degrees currently in Buckeye!  The weather forecast all week called for a 40% chance of rain up north.  Monsoon season in Arizona is upon us!

With the sweltering heat in the Phoenix Valley these past few weeks, a nice cool rain shower or two would have done us some good!  Nevertheless, though it was mostly overcast north of New River and the closest we got to rain was a light mist here and there.

Once at the Iron Springs Café, we all sat outside on the their patio.  We had a good turnout of about a dozen riders from all over the Phoenix Valley.  I’ll have to hand it to Steve Stoops, our Road Captain, he found another gem worth coming back to every once in a while.  The food tasted awesome and fresh, though it wasn’t completely a breakfast menu, it was more meant as brunch with some traditional breakfast choices along with items more geared towards lunch.  I had the gumbo with chicken and sausage with a side of bacon (a token breakfast item) but the best part of my meal was the blueberry cobbler a la mode for dessert.  Some questioned my judgement for having essentially pie and ice cream for breakfast but after eating it, there was no question in my mind!  I’ll be back for some more!


2017-07-09 2nd Sunday Breakfast @ Iron Springs Cafe