July Club Breakfast Recap

First Watch Carefree – Scottsdale, AZ

The monthly Breakfast meeting was beginning to grow even before the event began as we had over 20 pre-registered participants via AZRATPACK website! 

Friendly reminder to pre-register via the website as it lets us know how many people are planning to attend an event. This allows us the time to contact the Restaurant in advance to let them know that a large group will be descending upon them for breakfast on Saturday so they can prepare the appropriate staff.

Glad we had this information as when I contacted the restaurant to give them the heads up I spoke with one of the most excited & friendly team members there. She thought it was awesome & said she would be looking forward to meeting us on Saturday. It turned out she was one of our waitresses & as several of you commented she was very friendly & full of energy even at 7:45 in the morning!

It was quite the site when I arrived at what I thought was early at 7:45 am only to see that our group had taken over the middle of the restaurant. Plus it was humorous to me how the ladies had all gathered together while the gents stayed together as well. We eventually had to comingle as more people arrived and space became a premium.

These meetups are a good time to tell tall tales and talk about rides either the club or individuals will be doing in the near future. As it turns out there is a good size group of riders headed out to Paonia, CO for a BMW rally. I also got a chance to talk with Zac as he interested in joining and was happy to see we were group of more mature riders that are just out to ride & have some good times! 

    As always a good time was had by all & we thanked the staff for an excellent breakfast then headed out to enjoy the rest of a beautiful Saturday.