Mid-Year Meatfest Recap

Serra Gaucha, Peoria, AZ

The Mid-Year Meatfest is to celebrate the half way point of the riding season for us and since we have steered in a different direction with our end of year banquet, it’s a way to keep Meatfest on the calendar.

For the second time, we’ve held our Mid-Year Meatfest at Serra Gaucha in Peoria where we enjoyed a Brazilian BBQ feast!

Some of us arrived a little early and sat at the luxurious bar while catching up and waiting for more of our party to arrive. As more of us began to show, we then moved to our table. Many of us started off with a helping at the salad bar and then the slices of meat started coming! One of us, that shall remain nameless, ending up with a plate full of chicken hearts, you know who you are!

After filling up with meat, I made sure I left room for dessert! For me, it was a choice of creme brûlée or flan. Usually the creme brûlée wins out but I’ve never had what was advertised as Brazilian Flan. So I opted for the flan. It was good, but not much different than Mexican or Cuban. Greg’s key lime pie looked spectacular though!

It was great catching up with everyone while another Meatfest is in the books! Enjoy the photos below!