Heat Related Illness

Here is another worthwhile article that Rodney found in the GWRRA newsletter:

Heat related illnesses are extremely dangerous. The symptoms and causes are gradual and can accelerate to the point that can cause your body organs to function improperly.  The biggest cause of heat related illness is dehydration.  Without the proper amount of fluids and salt, vital organs like the kidneys, brain, and heart cannot function.  Your blood thickens and your heart pumps much harder to circulate blood throughout the body.

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July 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

Iron Springs Café, Prescott, AZ – July 9, 2017

by El Presidente

Our monthly 2nd Sunday Breakfast in Prescott created us with some welcome 75 degree temperatures along with some clouds in the sky!  So much better than the 112 degrees currently in Buckeye!  The weather forecast all week called for a 40% chance of rain up north.  Monsoon season in Arizona is upon us!

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Getting in the Mindset of Tire Safety

Rodney found this article in the GWRRA newsletter that he thought should be posted here especially with the hot summer months upon us.

This month we are going to focus on the three most important things on the bike. The two contacts (tires) and the one under the helmet. Everything we do rides on the tires. We need to train ourselves on the importance of checking and maintaining our tires. Protection against avoidable breakdowns and crashes, improved vehicle handling, better fuel economy, and increased tire life. Just a few reasons to check your tire pressure EVERY day.

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Chris White (3FC Chair) Update Three Flags Classic Status

Peoria, AZ – June 30, 2017

by R. Gonzo Gonzalez, Chairman, SCMA

On Monday, 5 June, Chris White, our Three Flags Chairman, suffered a serious motorcycle accident. We became aware of his misfortune around the 20th when his daughter contacted us.

Details of the cause of the accident are unknown to us at this time. However, his daughter was able to apprise us of his status.

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