6’s Wild Grand Tour News: The Wigwam Is Sold Out!

Parts Unkown, AZ

by El Presidente

As of this week, all rooms at The Wigwam in Holbrook is sold out!  Here is an alternate hotel that is nearby:

Brad’s Desert Inn

301 W Hopi Drive

Holbrook, AZ 86025


$69/night as of this writing on all major hotel reservation websites.

Note: you will need to book this hotel on you own.

For more info on the 6’s Wild Grand Tour, click here!

7th Annual GO AZ Motorcycles Sedona Ride Recap

GO AZ Motorcycles, Peoria, AZ – August 18, 2018

by El Presidente

Our 7th Annual GO AZ Motorcycles Sedona Ride saw 39 riders leave the GO AZ Peoria dealership at around 8:30 AM in 4 groups of roughly ten.  The weather for the most part cooperated with us save for a few sprinkles on the way home.  Heat and humidity were the worst parts of the weather we had to deal with, but only on the way home.

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August 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

The Ranch House, Yarnell, AZ – August 12, 2018

by El Presidente

What potentially could have been a very hot ride to and from Yarnell was actually not too bad!  After installing a fresh battery on my Honda last night, she was ready to go this morning!  Our 2nd Sunday Breakfast was held today at the Ranch House which is right at the top of Yarnell Hill just down the street from downtown.

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Open Position On Our Board of Directors

Parts Unkown, AZ

by El Presidente

 As of July’s meeting of the AZRATPack Board Of Directors, NJSteve Arnoldi has stepped down from his position on the board due to personal reasons.  As a founding member of our board, NJSteve’s service and contributions were greatly appreciated, and we look forward to any volunteer contributions he has to offer moving forward. Thanks NJSteve!

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July 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

The Pinon Café, Payson, AZ – July 8, 2018

by El Presidente

Let’s get the obvious out of the way right now.  It’s hot!  With that said, July’s breakfast was held in the cooler temperatures of Payson.  For me, this meant leaving my house in Buckeye just after 7:00 AM.  It was already in the high 90’s at this time.  I met up with fellow board member Todd at the Chevron across from the Ft McDowell Casino and road together up The Beeline (SR87).

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June General Membership Meeting & Dinner Recap

Cibo Pizzaria, Phoenix, AZ – June 28, 2018

by El Presidente

This month’s dinner was in a trendy section of downtown Phoenix near Roosevelt Row.  The club has been here twice before, the first was an Alien Abduction Tour Meet & Greet and then  we’ve had a regular club dinner.  Both occurred a few years ago and we were due for a return!

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15th Anniversary Celebration Recap

El Vice Presidente’s House, Gilbert, AZ – June 23, 2018

by El Presidente

It all started in 2003.  The first time I’ve heard of the AZRATPack was on a shuttle from my hotel in Birmingham, AL to the airport.  I was at the 2003 Ducati 999R launch at Barber Motorsports Complex and was talking to Peter Cramer, at the time, owner of Phoenix International Motorsports, who was a customer of mine that bought Fast By Ferracci parts for Ducatis from me.  He was telling a group of us about how he had formed a RAT Pack out of his dealership and Triumph’s involvement in these.

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Mormon Crickets & US 50, The Loneliest Highway

by Brian Norrie

We’d just finished filling our 2005 Yamaha FJR1300 in Eureka, Nevada located on Highway 50, known as “The Loneliest Road in America” (a name provided by Life magazine in 1986) when the young girl working the station asked if we’ve seen Mormon crickets. Being from Calgary which is as close to bug free as you can get we replied with a cautionary “uhhh no”.  She began regaling us with stories of these enormous smelly, oily, sticky bugs that measure 3 to 4 inches in length, endowed with a long spike on one leg and will be covering the highway as we continue west to Reno.  Stories she told that got my attention include a tractor trailer rig that was unable to get up a hill due to the greasy migrating mass and how the locals spray Pam cooking oil on the front of their cars to help with the removal of the bugs.  What really got my attention was the mention of “several” motorcycle crashes that occur each year mostly at night when the crickets are almost impossible to see.  Then in her southern drawl she casually mentions “sometimes they get so thick the snowplows are sent out to remove them…but I haven’t seen a snowplow today…yet!”   I was “half” convinced that she was teasing us”.

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