Two Riders From California Receive Titanium Awards In 2017

Parts Unkown, AZ

by El Presidente

The Titanium Award is given to riders that complete all six of our rides in a given year.  In the two years of the award, only a handful of us have received this award.  I wanted to give special recognition to two riders from California that have earned it in 2017, Darlene Fong and Alan Hirst. Continue reading “Two Riders From California Receive Titanium Awards In 2017”

4th Annual Holiday Meatfest & Awards Banquet Recap

Rodizio Grill, Mesa, AZ

by El Presidente

Our 4th annual holiday get together was a very fun night!  The food and atmosphere of the new location in Mesa proved to be a great choice!  The night started off with many of our members and guests arriving early to basically take over the bar area while waiting for our 8:00 PM reservation in a private room.

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December 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

Breakfast Club Cityscape, Phoenix, AZ – December 10, 2017

by El Presidente

Running a little late after a long day and a late night, I arrived in downtown Phoenix for our monthly breakfast.  While not being really familiar with downtown along with parts near the restaurant being shut down because of the ice skating rink and

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GO AZ Motorcycles Vendor Expo Recap

GO AZ Motorcycles, Scottsdale, AZ

by El Presidente

Our club was invited by GO AZ Motorcycles Scottsdale to take part in their annual Vendor’s Expo where customers get to see and interact with various parts, accessories and apparel company’s factory representatives.  A few of our club’s board members were on hand to promote the club by talking to GO AZ’s customers about our organization and upcoming events.

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Route 66 Tour/October 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

GO AZ Motorcycles, Scottsdale, AZ – October 6-8, 2017

by El Presidente

This year, we rode our annual Route 66 Tour from West to East.  I believe the club has done it this way in the past, but this was the first time for me.  Day 1 took us from our start point at GO AZ Motorcycles Peoria to our destination for the night at the Tropicana in Laughlin with a lunch stop in Kingman at El Palacio.
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September Club Dinner Meeting Recap

Flo’s Asian Cuisine, Tempe, AZ

by El Presidente

So, this one didn’t turn out like expected.  It started at about 2:00 PM that I called our original location for our monthly Dinner Meeting, the Watershed in Tempe to make a reservation for us.  The answering machine said, “If you’d like to make a reservation, please let us know how many, what time, your name and phone number and we’ll call you back.”  I followed the instructions and never received a call back.  As my day progressed, I got busy with work and was unable to call back to confirm.

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Board of Directors Changes

Parts Unkown, AZ

by El Presidente

I’d like to announce that Dagame “DJ” Dominguez has been promoted to El Vice Presidente of the AZRATPack.  Rodney “El Chino Loco”  Chew will remain on our Board of Directors with the title of Risk Manager.  You’re all in trouble now that you have two Cubans in the top positions of the club…
I’m also happy to announce that Todd Gilles has filled the vacant spot on the board.  The Board of Directors of the club are enthusiastic about the energy Todd will bring to the leadership of the club and are looking forward to working with him!