Southern California Motorcycle Association Meet Up

From our friends at the SCMA:

May 13/14, 2022 Playa Bonita Hotel, Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Son Mx.

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve had the opportunity to connect with one another. Between COVID, world events and just life it would be nice to be motorcycle people again!! You know, burn gas, eat great food, hang out and tell all our stories…..

To fill that that burning desire SCMA members and friends, affiliate clubs and friends are invited to join a bunch of SCMA people in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), SON, MX for a weekend of good company, relaxation, and fun.  Oh, by the way, at the beach. What else could be better? 

Come join us and enjoy the company, see old friends, meets some new ones, see what your buddies are riding. Enjoy the beach and the hospitality of Rocky Pt., MX

What to expect: There will be no planned rides or tours. You can explore variety of places on your own. There are no planned meal schedules (but plenty of good food), pool or hot tubs times are strictly up to you!! Hang out !!! Talk about all your Farkles. Make riding plans, lets kick off our return to riding ….

  • Please call 888-232-8142 or 855-271-9685 toll free. Make your reservation under #57104
  • This number goes directly to the reservations dept. and the rate is $129.00 per room per night tax included.

The Playa Bonita Hotel has obtained special discounts for us – please do not use their website for making reservations or Expedia as you will NOT receive the group rate.

We hope you can find the time to attend.  My wife and I will enjoy seeing you there by the pool!

Mark Burdick, Chairman SCMA


This is NOT a sanctioned EVENT for the SCMA or the AZRATPack, nor will there be SCMA or AZRATPack organized rides to, from, or inside Mexico.  You are highly advised to obtain Mexican insurance for the time you will be across the border.

There are no organized dinners or activities, just hanging out with each other is the goal. You are free to head into town or stay the entire time at the resort.