Parts Unkown, AZ

by El Presidente

The Titanium Award is given to riders that complete all six of our rides in a given year.  In the two years of the award, only a handful of us have received this award.  I wanted to give special recognition to two riders from California that have earned it in 2017, Darlene Fong and Alan Hirst.  Just realize that the start of any given ride, they already have about 350 miles under their belt and when we all break up and head home, they have at least 350 to go just to get home!  It is a big achievement to say the least!  It’s not only the mileage, but the extra 5 hours of travel time each way and the financial commitment of the extra hotels and meals while on the road.  Not only did they receive a Titanium Award from us, but they are set to receive SCMA Triple Crown Awards for completing their Four Corners, Three Flags Classic and The Missions Tour in 2017.  Lot’s of riding!  To top it all off, this was all done on Honda CB500’s!  Who says you “NEED” a big bike to do serious touring!  Looking forward to doing some more riding with them in 2018!

Published by El Presidente

Riding since 1983, I've owned a variety of bikes over the years, I have done all sorts of riding! I started in the motorcycle industry in 1999 at Fast By Ferracci in Willow Grove, PA, winners of World & AMA Superbike Championships and AMA Supercross race winners. I now work as the Assistant Operations Manager at Spooky Fast Customs and Yamwood Foundry after a stint from 2009 to 2013 at the GO AZ Scottsdale parts department.