Club Bio


The AZRATPack was formed in the early 2000’s as part of the R.A.T. Pack initiative put forward by Triumph by Phoenix International Motorsports and their customers.  Around the 2008-2009 time-frame, PIM was sold and became Triumph Superstore.  The new owners continued as sponsors of the Arizona chapter of the Rider’s Association of Triumph.  In the early years of the club, we enjoyed large turnouts of Triumph owners to various rides and monthly meetups at the George & Dragon Pub in central Phoenix.

As with all clubs of any size, political strife fragmented the club into different factions and eventually breakaway clubs.  Adding to the confusion was the demise of Triumph Superstore.  After almost a year without sponsorship, GO AZ Motorcycles of Scottsdale became the club’s dealer sponsor.  During that time, Triumph itself pulled the plug on it’s popular R.A.T Pack initiative, choosing to use their marketing dollars elsewhere.

Despite its setbacks and lack of support from Triumph, the AZRATPack continued on to raise awareness of our beloved Triumph Motorcycles via rides and various get togethers for ALL Triumph owners and fans.


We are an all brand inclusive club focusing on it’s people rather than solely on their bikes.  We promote a sport-touring/touring lifestyle for our experienced riders along with ushering inexperienced and beginner riders to fully enjoy the sport and move to more challenging rides.  Our regular membership currently ride diverse styles of motorcycles and come from different walks of life.

As of April 2017 we are an AMA Chartered Club.  The AMA remains the only national organization devoted to providing a full range of services to America’s motorcyclists and is equipped to effectively work for the betterment of all forms of motorcycling. Whether a rider prefers motocross or touring, the AMA exists to keep the fun in motorcycling for everyone. Over 260,000 motorcycle enthusiasts support AMA activities through their annual membership dues.  AMA Racing and AMA Organizer Services departments help organize events. The AMA sponsors public relations and safety campaigns geared toward overcoming the negative image of motorcycling held by some non-riders. By chartering our organization with the AMA, our status is acknowledged on the AMA website (, which can lead to increased membership and exposure.

In 2019, the AZRATPack was recognized by the AMA as their Recreational Road Riding Organizer of the Year.

 We are an affiliate club of the SCMA (Southern California Motorcycle Association) where many of our members have enjoyed their events that include the USA Four Corners and the 3 Flags Classic, both on the AMA’s Extreme Tour Calendar along with their California Adventures Tours.  In return, many of their members ride over to support and participate in our events.

 We organize 6 rides per year with GO AZ Motorcycles hosting the start at either their Scottsdale or Peoria locations.  Our rides will vary from easy 1-day events, moderate overnighters to advanced 3-day rides to destinations outside of Arizona.  Our staple rides are our annual Alien/Nuclear themed rides that are part of the SCMA calendar and our Route 66 Tour which has been run since the early days of the club.  For those of us that like to socialize, our Club Dinner Meetings give you an opportunity to meet and catch up with other members along with discussing club business.  Our Monthly Breakfast meetups offer a perfect opportunity to get out on your bike and hook up with other members to catch up and/or go for a ride after eating.  During the warmer months we will typically find a place in some elevation to take a break from the heat!  Our Monthly Club Meeting & Dinner spots are usually local favorites and places that have been featured on the Food Network.  If you are new to the area or have an interest in riding with the club, our dinner and breakfast meets are perfect opportunities to get out and get familiar with the area, ask questions about how our rides are run along with meeting new people and riding partners.

 Be sure to visit our Swag Emporium for the latest in AZRATPack fashion.

 Remember, this is your club, we’re here to facilitate, organize and get the word out.  Route, breakfast and dinner venue suggestions are welcome anytime!

AMA Charter #3333791