The time has come to start asking participants in our club to contribute in maintaining the infrastructure of our organization.  Though we do seek out sponsors to help pay for targeted aspects of what we do, they do not pay for everything.  That burden has fallen on the Board of Directors since forming and on myself previously.  For example, GO AZ Motorcycles is currently our Ride Series sponsor and cover all costs related to our rides and ride related awards that we give out at the end of the year, but they do not cover things like the costs related to keeping and maintaining our website.

Starting January 1, 2024 we will ask everyone that is a member of our club for $30/year.  What do you get for your $30?  You get this organization!  Many of us have made very good friends over the years through this club which you may never have met otherwise.  I feel that in itself is worth the $30!  You also get at least 6 planned rides every year, 3 of which are overnighters.  All pretty much planned for you!  There will be sections of this website and certain information that will be kept for “Members Only” that will require you to log in as a member.  Examples of which will be a Members Perks page where you will see places where you will receive a discount, on the ride pages, GPX file downloads and other pertinent information.  You will also receive a membership card which you will need to show at any establishment that offers us a club discount.

Your yearly membership contribution will be billed and tracked here on the website.  We are not here to try to make a profit from you!  Our intention is to use any surpluses to help subsidize things like parties, BBQ’s and awards at our year end Dinner/Awards Banquet that are not part of the ride series.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone on our Board of Directors.