GoAZ/AZRATPack End of Year Awards Dinner 

by: ElChinoLoco

location: GoAZ Motrcycles of Scottsdale

It was a great time at GoAZ Motorcycles of Scottsdale for the AZRATPack/GoAZ Motorcycles of Scottsdale End of Year Awards Dinner.  I always get excited to see the AZRATPack come together in one place and enjoy time with each other.  Members came from as far away as Canada, Denver, CO and Houston, TX. I thank all the 65 members/attendees that came to share the fun.

This year GoAZ was kind enough to allow us to host the dinner on the shop floor.  This was a nice treat having the event in such a great motorcycle setting, They also participated in a jacket giveaway and held a flash sale for all people attending dinner.

This year we also catered the event with Calientes Mexican Grill.  The owners of Calientes, Abel and Maria Diaz have been long supporters of GoAZ and the RATPack.  They provided a nice grill meal that was a real treat !! We thank them for their support.

There were a number of awards to be given out for the GOAZ/AZRATPack ride series. We had a number of Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and only 1 Titanium award .

Award Catagories:

Aluminum:        Ride Three of the Day Rides
Carbon Fiber:    Ride Three of the Overnight Rides
Titanium:            Ride all six of the Ridess

This year the single titanium award went to Phillip Murat.  He received a lighted plaque and an engraved Yeti Drink Shaker.  Bravo to Phillipe !!!

We also recognized our GoAZ sponsors for all their assistance in making the ride season and end of year event a success.

This year Aileen Hammer, SLEDGE (Todd) Hammer’s daughter was kind enough to help us with some last minute artwork. She was given a RATPACK Appreciation Certifcate.  Thank you Aileen !!

As usual we then progressed to our famous RECOGNITION certificates, These certificates recognize  memorable events or behavior displayed by members throughout the riding year.  An example of this is the SALTED BIKE AWARD, issued for burying your BMW in the GREAT SALT LAKE or the GROUP PULL OVER AWARD, given to 5 people pulled over at once by a California Sherrif, seeing a GROUP PULL OVER is a rare occurance which deserves recognizing. They did not get a ticket!

The evening lasted 2.5 hours and was enjoyed by all. Please look at the pics.  If you couldn’t make it this year I hope you will be there for next years event !!