January Club Breakfast ReCap

It was a cold morning to head out to Phil’s filing station for breakfast. Fortunately for me, I had to pick up a friend later that morning so I took the car instead of the motorcycle. When I arrived, there were already several club members there and we were escorted to the private room in the back that’s dedicated to the Yankees. Those that rode were passing around Shain’s electric hand warmer getting feeling back into their fingers. Fortunately, Gina our server thought ahead and put pots of hot coffee on the table to warm up the group. Once everyone started warming up good conversation began with the new to us & restored motorcycles that are now part of the club. We also learned a bit about the historic Gillespie bridge that is on the schedule as part of the upcoming February 2nd ride.

As always, we enjoyed good food, service, conversation, and the single checks so no one has to do math this early in the day!

I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, February 2 at GOAZ at 8: 30 am in Peoria for a ride to the Nuclear power plant!!