The Ranch House, Yarnell, AZ – August 12, 2018

by El Presidente

What potentially could have been a very hot ride to and from Yarnell was actually not too bad!  After installing a fresh battery on my Honda last night, she was ready to go this morning!  Our 2nd Sunday Breakfast was held today at the Ranch House which is right at the top of Yarnell Hill just down the street from downtown.


The ride this morning started out at 90 degrees plus, but slowly went down as I headed up in elevation!  By the time I reached the top, it was in the 80’s and so comfortable!  The ride up Yarnell Hill was uneventful with no constabulary out looking for customers.  The way back through Wickenburg was a different story!  Having a late start and a pit stop for gas and something to drink, I arrived about 20-30 minutes late to breakfast.  There was a good turnout of about 15 or so!  It was good to see everyone!  We had some new faces that were getting a feel for how the club conducts our rides with an interest in attending the Sedona Ride and 6’s Wild.  It was also great to see some faces we hadn’t seen in a while too!

The ride down was also uneventful.  I stopped for a pitstop at the Shell station in Wickenburg and saw a DPS officer giving out a ticket.  By the time I was done with my pitstop and drink, the officer had pulled over another customer.  Keep an eye going through Wickenburg where the speed limit changes!  I then proceeded home and made it back before triple digit temperatures!  Mission accomplished!

Published by El Presidente

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