Chris White (3FC Chair) Update Three Flags Classic Status

Peoria, AZ – June 30, 2017

by R. Gonzo Gonzalez, Chairman, SCMA

On Monday, 5 June, Chris White, our Three Flags Chairman, suffered a serious motorcycle accident. We became aware of his misfortune around the 20th when his daughter contacted us.

Details of the cause of the accident are unknown to us at this time. However, his daughter was able to apprise us of his status.

Chris suffered multiple injuries to the chest cavity and a very serious concussion.

As of today, Chris is ambulatory using a walker. His concussion is still affecting him, but he recognizes family and is conversing quite well. The signs of healing are becoming more evident day by day.

At present, he is hospitalized in Victoria and his wife and daughter are nearby caring for him. It is expected that he will be moved to another hospital once he is ready for physical rehab/therapy.

Pending that move, we ask that you consider sending Chris a get-well card, as soon as possible, to the following temporary address:

Mr. Chris White (Rm# 766 N)

C/O Royal Jubilee Hospital
1952 Bay St
Victoria BCV8R 1J8 CANADA

We wish Chris a speedy recovery to full health and we are hoping to see him at the start in Abbotsford!!

Three Flags Classic – Status report

Upon being informed of Chris White’s accident, and his indefinite recovery period, I immediately called for a meeting with Victor Castañeda, co-Chair of the 2017 3FC. Victor was the co-Chair for 2016 supporting Rodney Chew, and experienced the demands a Three Flags Classic presents to its Chair and committee.

In addition to being the President of the AZRATPack and member of the SCMA Board of Directors, Victor has been working closely with Chris in navigating the myriad of 3FC details. He has also been in charge of the SWAG design and procurement. During the last three-plus years, demonstrating organizational, communicative, and teamwork skills, Victor has gained the trust and confidence of those working with him. At this point, with a bit of catch up work to be done, he is perfectly positioned to guide the 3FC17 to a successful start and finish while awaiting the hopeful return of Chris.

The board of directors, in recognition of the amount of work accomplished to date by Chris, has elected to continue recognizing Chris White as the Chair, 3FC17 and designate Victor as the Acting Chair, 3FC17, charged with bringing the Classic to a successful start and finish.

Victor is currently in the process of “wrapping his arms” around the known and unknown 3FC tasks remaining to be identified/addressed/finalized.

Please join us in welcoming Victor to his new assignment and please be available to support him where needed.