El Presidente Steps Down As Chair of the 2018 SCMA 3 Flags Classic

Also Resigns From SCMA Board of Directors

Buckeye, AZ – September 17, 2017

by El Presidente


As many of you know, I was selected as chairman of the 2018 43rd Annual 3 Flags Classic earlier in the year.  As of September 13th, I notified the board of directors of the SCMA and it’s chairman that I was stepping down along with resigning my board position as Marketing Manager.  This announcement is not intended to throw stones at anyone, but I would like to clearly state my reasons before any rumors and/or false information get out.

I made my decision to throw my hat in the ring earlier this year based on my experience of being on the committee last year on the 41st 3FC and from this year’s serving as Chris White’s co-chair for the 42nd.  It had become evident that the SCMA Chairman wanted to change the way the 3 Flags has been put together as we finished this year’s event.  Simply put, the style and amount of reporting and board approvals for just about all of the details of the event basically stripped away any autonomy to make decisions and for me to efficiently plan the details of next year’s ride.

I ride motorcycles because it’s fun.  I like putting together rides because I enjoy doing it.  The way things were going to go would not be fun nor enjoyable to me along with causing a lot of frustrations and stress affecting those around me.  At the same time, I thought it would be best to completely divest myself from the inner workings of the SCMA and focus on family, friends and doing FUN things with the AZRATPack, a club on the rise!

I wish the SCMA, it’s board and it’s chairman a lot of luck and success for next year’s 3 Flags and the Association’s 50th Anniversary and beyond.