March Club Breakfast Recap

ShipRock Restaurant – Mesa, AZ

The sun is rising and the temps are coming out of the low 40s. The promise for today is WARMER !! Thank god for that after raining/hailing/snowing in Phoenix/Scottsdale a little warmth would feel good.

Arriving at the Lake Saguaro parking lot you can feel it warming up. Soon bikes start arriving and we head up to the upper deck restaurant. We gather around all the tables on the sunward side of the restaurant. Some may remember we got the cold side of the restaurant last time we visited here, not this time. Warm coffee and the food was nice as well as all the conversation had by all… A good morning at the lake !! Some people identified that we could rent pontoon boats. Some thought it might be a fun AZRATPack event. I figured if we got a couple of groups we could have pontoon boat races? and pontoon demolition derby. Probably need to take out all the insurance we could get. Some went off for a ride afterward.. Thank you all for coming out !

Our cold winter keeps us all thinking about being on the road, talking about trips. Some of you I will see on the Joshua Tree ride this month, others on the Anniversary ride in May. We hope for warmer days and roads to travel, places to see and people to enjoy. Look forward to seeing you soon !!