August 2nd Saturday Breakfast Recap

Ranch House, Yarnell, AZ

by  El Presidente

Welcome to August in Arizona! It was a bit monsoon-y in the morning and I hate leaving the house on my motorcycle when it’s raining. I don’t mind being rained on during my trip or on the way back. But there’s something about leaving in the rain that I don’t like..

Nevertheless, I jumped in to my Ford Focus ST and headed out to Yarnell. The light rain cleared up as I headed north on the Loop 303 to US 60. The drive up Yarnell Hill was fun and stress-free due to the local constabulary sleeping in or paying attention to other activities on other roads.

Breakfast at the Ranch House was as good as ever though with a reduced menu if memory serves me correctly. I was kind of looking forward the deep fried breakfast burrito to turned out to be no longer on the menu.

Alas, these gatherings aren’t all about the food but more about the company and the camaraderie along with discussing future events and where to ride to after breakfast.

Many of us headed towards Prescott. I did the same as my compatriots on motorcycles and headed to Prescott via AZ SR89 though the White Spars. While in Prescott, I stopped at a few guitar shops to browse, and luckily for my bank account, I left Prescott only buying a t-shirt!