December 2nd Saturday Breakfast Recap

Oink Café, Paradise Valley, AZ

Again, I had every intention to ride my motorcycle to breakfast this morning but again, it was cold. Temperatures were under 50 degrees at departure time. My preference is something closer to 60!

Our breakfast this month was a return to the Oink Café in Paradise Valley. Who doesn’t love bacon? I had a flight of bacon the last time we were here, so I tried a breakfast sandwich this time. A a pork burger with egg, cheese and topped off with bacon was excellent and highly recommended. Of course, I had a half flight of bacon on the side! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Our group took up two long tables while catching up with each other and talking about next year’s schedule. Upcoming breakfasts and dinners will not be held on consistent dates and will be hosted by a different board member each month on a day of their choosing. Keep a close eye on the schedule for when they will be happening.