2022 Monthly Breakfasts & Dinners

For 2022, we are making a small but significant change to how we organize our breakfasts and dinners. In the interest of spreading out the organizational load along with bringing more of a variety, each of our board members will be hosting/organizing our social events.

So moving forward, please make sure to pay attention to dates and times. Last year, breakfasts were held on the 2nd Saturday of the month and dinners on the last Tuesday. This year, both will be held on a date and time of the host board member’s choosing with breakfasts occurring on a Saturday or Sunday and dinners on any day except for Friday and Saturday nights. Hopefully this will encourage a little more variety in the places we go to.

As always, please be sure to RSVP on our website if you intend of coming. Facebook and GroupMe RSVPs will not be counted! It is important to RSVP so that we can reserve/set up seating for everyone. There have been times where we’ve had 6 RSVPs and 15 have showed up. We try to do our best to have everyone sit together or close by. RSVPing helps out a lot in doing so.

As always, recommendations are welcome, be sure to let one of our board members know.