January Club Breakfast Recap

Oracle Patio Café, Oracle, AZ

The city of Oracle was a new place to ride to and opportunity to meet my fellow Board member Allen for the first time made this Saturday morning Breakfast an awesome way to start the day.

What an early start to the day it was too as Oracle is a bit a of a jaunt for me. Rolled out of the garage and into the darkness at 6:30 AM to a brisk to 52 degrees. Since my buddy Brian had informed  me the day before that Oracle was a predicted low of 36 degrees I did the same as all the other AZRATPack riders….Layered UP & Heated UP!! After getting outside of Phoenix picked up route 79 in Florence then passing the shooting range for the military and the impressive prison that sits just the opposite side of the road from a residential neighborhood.  Then out into the desert we went on a beautiful two lane road. As the Sun started to come up I saw Shane ahead of me, but then she pulled off. Turned out she was doing the same thing I would do a few miles down the road, change the clear shield to sunglasses. As we headed due East directly into the sun that stop sure worked out great so we could still see the road ahead. As I got closer to Oracle I saw a Victory Mike ahead which was a good sign to see another AZRATPack member.

Once we got up to the Oracle Patio Cafe sadly there was a handwritten note taped to the door. It stated that due to the needs of their extended family they were closed this weekend. When Allen arrived we decided to wait for a few others to come and then would decide where to go for a bite to eat.

After some discussion we decided to head back to Florence as no other restaurants were open for breakfast in Oracle.  As Todd stated on Group Me it was good conversation and pleasant ride.  All in all a great way to start the weekend!!

Look forward to seeing y’all on the Lake Roosevelt ride this coming Saturday February 5!!