July Club Breakfast Recap

Bisbee Breakfast Club – Mesa, AZ

The AZRATPack was back at the Bisbee Breakfast Club in Mesa. The original Breakfast Club opened in 2005 in the Lowell area of Bisbee, AZ. The RATPACK made it a point to visit the Breakfast Club whenever we were in Bisbee. Now there are 6 breakfast clubs spread out between Tucson and the Phoenix area

The AZRATPack has been to the Mesa location many times over the years. Beth the manager helped us get a table large enough for the 18 that arrived this morning. Thank you Beth for taking care of us!! and nice to see you again !!.

Our group started arriving at 7am, mostly on bikes. A few arrived from what seemed to be, California? (Buckeye actually). A few from Casa Grande. Why so surprised, it is a moto club breakfast, isn’t it? Well, the days have been over 110 degrees for days now. Being out too late could be quite a heat event. The food at the breakfast club is always a treat and the portions are generous. We all had fun catching up with peoples trips, upcoming journeys and new places to see. Around 9a the group started heading toward home before temps got too crazy.