June Club Breakfast Recap

The Original Breakfast House – Phoenix, AZ

We selected the “Original Breakfast House”  from the list of places to eat in the greater Phoenix area. As it was my first time there I enjoyed the Hawaiian based theme and the wide selection of Breakfast items to chose from for everyone.

As there were only about 10 people registered online for Breakfast we did not call ahead to reserve tables. However, I thought to my self that I should arrive early to try & get some tables. Arriving at what I thought was early 7:35 am there were already about half a dozen motorcycles in the parking lot. When entering the restaurant the group had already secured an area and was getting ready to order.  This was an excellent surprise as we ended up with 18 people in total arriving for breakfast that morning. Some friends of mine are heading to the upcoming Alien festival in Roswell and I was able to get some good ideas of things they could see along the road there from other members thanks in part to our Alien rides that have gone that way.

 As always good food & conversation was had by all, specially outside afterwards by the motorcycles… soooo much testosterone !!