October Club Breakfast ReCap

Phil’s Filling Station Grill
Sat Oct 14 2023, 8:00am
Event Chair: Dean Sarrocco


We returned again this year to Phil’s Filling Station in Fountain Hills as it’s an great old AZRATPack favorite, a good place to eat & plenty of parking for the group. As I arrived at what I thought was early in order to get the back room for the group, turns out I was LATE again. A group of Ratpack members were already there enjoying their coffee out front on the patio. Since it was a beautiful morning with good temperatures we decided to stay on the Patio. One of the ironic topics for discussion was how we realized that most of our wives will not get up early to join us for these breakfast meet ups. Who knows maybe that will change going forward! The staff was great and we got our delicious meals in no time, plus one can always appreciate the separate checks.

It also happened to be the day of the 2023 Annular eclipse. Looking at the sun in the parking lot was JUST TOO BRIGHT without special glass. Hector and his wife had the simple special glasses that would allow you to look. It was an interesting experience. Fortunately there were no damaged eyes or cell phones.

As always good food & conversation was had by all with a great start to a weekend, even with all that testosterone !!