September General Membership Meeting & Dinner Recap

Lupita’s Hot Dogs, Phoenix, AZ – September 26, 2019

by El Presidente

Lupita’s Hot Dogs came highly recommended by a couple of co-workers of mine that are known to be “foodies”. I myself, am a connoisseur of a fine, gourmet hot dog. Though it’s not the typical faire or usual type of location that I pick for our club’s General Membership Meeting & Dinner, I figured that it would be a fun adventure. Plus, variety is the spice of life, no?

Though the weather looked pretty bad all day and pretty menacing towards dinner time, mother nature was nice enough to clear things up and keep the temperatures to nearly perfect for dinner time. Weather was a concern for dinner because Lupita’s Hot Dogs is located under a tent. Yes, a tent. In the parking lot of a body shop. Food is served out of a hot dog cart and stored nearby in a white van in coolers. While parking is tight, sitting there, you’ll see a steady flow of people in and out getting take out or sitting down to eat at one of the picnic tables under the tent. If you read Lupita’s Hot Dogs Yelp reviews, they are all stellar. These are not lies! Ordering your dog is a bit unorthodox. All hot dogs come with a long list of things on it, you simply tell them what not to put on it to order. Top that off with a medio litro (half liter) of Mexican Coke in a glass bottle and to me it’s golden! If you’re hungry, order two, but for the light eater, one is enough and will not fill you up too much.

It was nice sitting in the great weather meeting a couple of new members along with catching up with Road Captain Steve Stoops on his recent 3 Flags/Seattle adventures. For those of you that canceled out of dinner, you missed a good one!