The 11th GO AZ Motorcycles Sedona Ride Recap

GO AZ Motorcycles Peoria

We’ve partnered with GO AZ Motorcycles on a Sedona Ride out of one of their dealerships since before we’ve formed our Ride Series that exclusively leaves from one of their locations. This being the 11th running of the ride, we had to drop the “Annual” because of having to cancel in 2020 due to good ole COVID-19.

We all gathered at GO AZ’s Peoria location for the start of the ride and after sign in and a brief rider’s meeting we mostly were off down Bell Rd towards US 60 and in to Wickenburg. Right at the first light, the group broke up in to two… The slog across Bell Rd and west on US 60 was somewhat tolerable because of the fairly light traffic and mild temperatures.

Once we broke off onto SR 89 and up Yarnell Hill, the temperature got a whole lot better! It’s just so nice to ride in elevation early in the morning! We then peeled off of 89 and headed into Kirkland Junction where we turned north on Iron Springs Rd and rolled through Skull Valley. Once in Prescott, we then turned on to Williamson Valley Rd. Since the lead group was fairly small, I elected to cut the route a little and turned onto Pioneer Parkway to lead us right on to SR 89A.

After our gas stop at the Roberts Marketplace, we proceeded on 89A in through Jerome and Cottonwood. In Cottonwood, we then turned on to Cornville Rd and rolled through downtown Cornville with some added twisties. We then turned north onto Beaverhead Flat Rd which ended on SR 179. This is a route a little less traveled when people head in to Sedona, plus it bypasses the horrible stop and go of downtown.

Once on 179, it was a short trip to the roundabout where Collective Sedona is located where we stopped for lunch. There were 4 choices for lunch in the shopping center but we all eventually ended up at Dellepiane for a nice Argentinian lunch!

On the way home, I went back the way we came in but instead of turning west on Cornville Rd, I turned left towards I-17. It’s a little more exciting than rolling 179 to the 17 and seemed shorter. Once on 17, I blasted on down to Rock Springs for a pie stop. Thankfully, traffic wasn’t too bad like it would be on a Sunday or next weekend, Labor Day Weekend.

Thanks to everyone that came out and endured a hot ride home! Enjoy the photos below and check back often as they are being updated as they roll in from various sources. Thanks again!