2021 Ride Schedule Announced!

Parts Unknown, AZ

by El Presidente

The AZRATPack Board of Directors is proud to announce out 2021 Ride Schedule.  We feel that this year’s schedule is responsible and achievable barring any worsening of the current health situation.  Of  course all is subject to change with enough time to allow for modifications in plans.

You will notice that this is a full schedule of six rides with a late start to the year and with less time between rides.  As long as we are able to run the full schedule, our intention is to hold the GO AZ Motorcycles Ride Series and give out awards at our end of year banquet that hopefully will be held in December.

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Route 66 Tour Canceled

It is with great regret that I must announce that this year’s Route 66 Tour is cancelled. After meeting with our Board of Directors on Monday, we decided that conditions haven’t changed so that we could conduct a fun and entertaining event.

Though statistically, things seem to be trending in the right direction, local governments and establishments have not loosened up social gathering regulations/guidelines. Since our events just about always draws 20+ participants, we do not feel we are able conduct an event that is in the spirit of how we do things.

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Awards Recipients of the 2019 GO AZ Motorcycles Ride Series

Announcing the awards recipients of the 2019 GO AZ Motorcycles Ride Series:

Titanium: For attending all six rides.
Dagame Dominguez
Philippe Murat
Victor Castaneda Jr
Stephen Stoops

Carbon Fiber: For attending all three overnight rides.
Alan Hirst
Darlene Fong
David Stubbs
Fernando Ramos
George Mansor
Jerry Fuentes
Melinda Dominguez
Mitchell Mastrin
Rodney Chew
Sebastian Spall

Aluminum: For attending all three one day rides.
Phillip Jackson
Mei Lee Jackson
Jason Hamilton
Regitze Murat
Dan Kelly

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Lake Havasu Ride Recap

GO AZ Motorcycles, Peoria, AZ – December 7, 2019

by  El Presidente

Our last ride of the year was a return to some of the roots from when we were a Triumph Owners Club.  Every year, we would take our “British” bikes (some were built in Indonesia…) over London Bridge in Lake Havasu.  Though we switched our focus over the years to being more about riding than what brand of motorcycle you own, we thought it would be fun to visit Lake Havasu and the curiosity of London Bridge.

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