The State of the Union, Jack (Part Deux)

In last month’s column, I went through the club’s history as best I remember it but this month, I’d like to review who we are today and the concept.

I personally am not a fan of very organized clubs. When asked why we ride a motorcycle, about 99% of us will mention the word freedom in our explanation somewhere. This is why there is no formal decorum in our breakfast or dinner meetings. If there’s something you’d like to bring up to one of the board members in attendance, just ask away and we’ll do our best to address it. Out on the road, as groups get bigger, for safety’s sake, there has to be a bit more decorum and following etiquette.

The club was founded as a Triumph Owner’s Club (Riders Association of Triumph) but over the years as Triumph owner participation dwindled, the concept had to change in order for the club to continue to exist. The club’s focus has changed over the years from what you ride to the ride itself. I personally love motorcycles of all brands and types and enjoy the variety that we have that participate in our events.

Today, we are a club with about 100 members and welcome riders of all riding levels. We hope that participating in our events will help introduce you to different locations in Arizona and nearby that you may not have normally gone to along with possibly adding some on road discipline so that you can push out further in distance. As you push past a certain point, we are not the pinnacle of long distance touring, there are plenty of other clubs and organizations out there that we could recommend that do with. We hope that we can be the entry point for that and invite you back to visit your friends!

We work closely with our dealer sponsor, GO AZ Motorcycles to provide a safe riding community. One of the first questions a person buying a new bike is, “who can I ride with?” One of the main reasons someone will give when giving up on the sport and selling their motorcycle is, “I have no one to ride with.” We work closely with GO AZ with an answer to the first question and then work hard to change the second statement to, “I’m buying a new one.”

It is my goal to keep the club as informal as possible, keeping internal politics to a minimum and to keep the fun factor as high as possible. I rarely, unless it’s necessary, will get up and give speeches and shine the spotlight on myself. My concept has always been is to simply provide a framework where people can get together and let the magic happen from there. This club is about you! It is only a vehicle for you to enjoy the ride, destinations and to form possibly a lifetime of great relationships and memories. It is my hope that the internal workings of the club stay in the background and for you the member that things just “magically” happen.

See you on the road!

Victor/El Presidente

AMA Charter Life Member #432264 * HOG Full Life Member #0349622 * SCMA #26125