Southern California Motorcycle Association Meet Up

From our friends at the SCMA:

May 13/14, 2022 Playa Bonita Hotel, Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Son Mx.

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve had the opportunity to connect with one another. Between COVID, world events and just life it would be nice to be motorcycle people again!! You know, burn gas, eat great food, hang out and tell all our stories…..

To fill that that burning desire SCMA members and friends, affiliate clubs and friends are invited to join a bunch of SCMA people in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), SON, MX for a weekend of good company, relaxation, and fun.  Oh, by the way, at the beach. What else could be better? 

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2022 GO AZ Motorcycles Ride Series Registration & Check-In Procedures

Keeping track of who was on the 2021 rides was a bit of a challenge for a variety of reasons. For 2022, we are implementing some changes to registration so that we can better keep track on who is on our rides and have a backup in case a question arises at the end of the year for when we hand out awards.

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2022 Ride Schedule Announced!

Parts Unknown, AZ

by El Presidente

The AZRATPack Board of Directors is proud to announce our 2022 Ride Schedule so far.  Looks like we’re back to business as usual!  There are still some dates and details to be finalized but we have the majority pretty well ironed out so that you can save the dates and make appropriate plans.  We will post more details as they become available and watch the newsletter for further announcements!

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GroupMe Group Messaging To Roll Out In The Next Month For Paid Members

Parts Unkown, AZ

In order to communicate news and make announcements in real time, we have decided to roll out an official Group Chat Messaging System (GCMS) via GroupMe. For instance, while on a ride, we’ll be able to update the group on dinner/breakfast plans, leave times and other pertinent information. This will be available to those of you who are paid members.

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To Helmet Or Not To Helmet, That Is The Question

Parts Unkown, AZ

A great question came up at dinner last night, “Do we require helmets on our rides?”  The quick answer is, no, we don’t require you to wear a helmet to participate in one of our rides, but since we do leave the state from time to time, you are subject to that state’s laws.  Helmet law included.

We do value your safety however and highly recommend that you do wear one.  Outside of the obvious reasons, here are a few other good reasons to wear a helmet:

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