April Club Breakfast Recap

Over Easy – Phoenix, AZ

 As I rolled out of the garage this morning I could feel the spring temperatures upon us as the seat & grip warmers were set on low for the ride to breakfast. This location was selected as the thought was that it might be centrally located for the majority of the AZRATPack and came recommended by the wife.

When I arrived about quarter to eight the main group was already seated and chatting away about past & future rides. Upon sitting at the end of the table as it was all that was left, but that was fine as i got a chance to talk with others about their trips abroad as I mentioned my upcoming trip to Egypt. Turns out others are planning to go there soon as well as other international destinations that might be interesting to see in the future for us. 

    The young lady that waited on us was exceptional and patient with all our single checks and modifications to their orders. Fortunately being early the kitchen was able to get our orders out promptly and deliciously.  The streak continues of good food & good conversation to make a great way to start a Saturday.