April Club Dinner & Meeting Recap

Cuban Foods Bakery & Restaurant, Phoenix, AZ

I probably ate more pork last night than most people eat in a month! Over the years, I’ve picked Cuban Foods Bakery & Restaurant for our April dinner because of the close proximity to my birthday and I choose to quietly celebrate by gorging myself with delicious food from my family’s home country. This is the most authentic tasting Cuban restaurant that I’ve found in the Phoenix area that is still open. Havana CafĂ© in Scottsdale was a favorite until they shut down.

Since the weather was conducive to riding my motorcycle, I chose the Harley over the Ford though the allergy attack on the way home made me somewhat regret my choice. Tonight’s dinner was basically held in two shifts with the early shift arriving, eating and some leaving as people started to arrive for the second shift at 6:30.

The food as always was great, I had yucca frita and a couple of Cuban (pork) tamales as an appetizer and a Cuban sandwich with nicely thin cut fries for dinner. I could only eat half of the sandwich to save room for the Tocinillo del Cielo for dessert.

It was great to catch up with everyone and hearing about Fernando’s adventure in South America! Make sure to ask him about it when you see him next, it looked like a trip of a lifetime!

After dinner Rodney and I stayed late to catch up on things as we watched the local hot rudders in the their import cars and stunt bikes meet up at the Jack In The Box across the parking lot. It was entertaining to see the cars and bikes go by and listening to the loud exhausts! It’s encouraging to see (and hear) that some of the younger people still have gasoline running through their veins!

Until next time!