Coronavirus, April Events, WTF

Parts Unknown, AZ

By El Presidente

These are some interesting times to say the least! I hope this message finds you and all of your families in good health. After cancelling our March General Membership Meeting & Dinner due to the current health situation, I’d like to address what the plan is moving into April and our events.

Though we all look forward to and put a lot of planning into our events, we realize that compared to your health, the health and safety of loved ones is above and beyond more important than what we do as a club. Therefore, we will always err on the side of conservatism. We will not put you or ourselves at risk especially since many of us are in a “high risk” demographic.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it pertains to our April events. A decision on whether or not we will have our April 2nd Sunday Breakfast on 4/12 will be made by 4/8. There will be an announcement made shortly thereafter in the “News” section on our website along with an email and posts on all of our social media platforms. For the Alien Abduction Meet & Greet and the Alien Abduction Grand Tour, to be held on 4/23 and 4/24-26th respectively, an announcement will be made by 4/12, giving you about 2 weeks of notice to cancel any reservations you may have. Currently, all of the MGM properties in Las Vegas are closed until 4/16 as per their website. We understand that even if we have a “green light” to go on with our normal lives here in Arizona, for this ride, we have to monitor the situation in the Las Vegas area as well. If you like to roll the dice, keep an eye on hotel rates as they may drop. If you have booked already, it may be worth it to cancel and re-book your reservation. The hotel for night two of the ride was sold out as of a few weeks ago. It would be prudent to contact them to see if there are any cancelations.

In the case that the Alien Abduction Tour is cancelled but we are allowed to return to somewhat of a normal life, being able to gather in groups again, we may schedule a dinner get together on our normal date of the last Thursday of the month for our General Membership Meeting & Dinner.

For those of you that have ordered shirts, we normally deliver these at our General Membership Meeting & Dinner but for the time being, they can be picked up from me at work: Spooky Fast Customs, 15275 N 83rd PL, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Please shoot me an email at [email protected] or [email protected] to make sure I’m in. As of this writing, work for me is shut down until Wednesday, 4/1.

Speaking for the Board of Directors of the club, we wish you good physical and mental health during these surreal times and practice good social distancing by riding your motorcycle! Gas is cheap!