May 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

Rock Springs Café, Rock Springs, AZ – May 12, 2019

by El Presidente

Our yearly Mother’s Day visit to the Rock Springs Café started with the best weather for a romp up Loop 303 to I-17 and up to Rock Springs. The combination of the cool temperature, overcast skies with the predawn showers made for a nice, crisp smell in the air. Motorcycles are happiest with this type of weather!

My VFR1200 was so happy in this weather, that it was tough to keep the speeds somewhere under criminal performance award territory. Once the morning’s fun was over, I met up with the crew at the Rock Springs Café for our monthly 2nd Sunday Breakfast. Being that it was Mother’s Day, turnout wasn’t as heavy as usual, but we were a tight fit for our table in the back corner of the restaurant. Breakfast was as good as usual along with the company and conversation. After eating, we all said our goodbyes and headed off to continue our Sunday. Personally, I had Mother’s Day duties to tend to. All in all, a great day!