Moving Forward With Everything Else In 2021

Parts Unknown, AZ

By El Presidente

Though this has been covered previously, I thought it would be a good time to re-iterate on how we’re moving forward with other aspects of our club in 2021 such as our social events (breakfasts and dinners) and membership contributions.

Social Events

Our 2nd Sunday Breakfast and General Membership Dinner Meetings will commence scheduling 30 days after large gathering/social distancing regulations/ordinances “officially” start to relax. “Officially” means an announcement from a national, state or local government. We will monitor this closely as it will affect how and when we conduct our rides also.

As always, we encourage you to only do what your are comfortable with!


Anyone who was a paid member when this mess all started had their memberships extended for six months. Please keep an eye on your inbox as your renewal notices will start to show up. We hope that you will renew your membership with your contribution so we can “keep the lights on.” Though we haven’t had a lot of expenses in 2020, web hosting, member/event managing software and our AMA Charter are examples of costs the we have continued to incur.

This has been a difficult time financially and mentally. Many of us have gone through some life changes and we all genuinely hope that we are all better for it in the long run though it may be difficult to see today. We are looking forward to hearing all of your stories once we are able to gather around a dinner table again along with making new memories on the road! Happy New Year!

~ Victor, Dagame, Steve, Rodney, Allen & Todd, Your AZRATPack Board of Directors