Mt Lemmon Ride Recap

GO AZ Motorcycles Peoria

Our second ride of the year pretty much went off without a hitch outside of my GPS warning me of a road closure at Riggs Rd causing us to run an extra 20 miles of I-10. The consolation was that we got to our destination a bit earlier!

Our day started at GO AZ Motorcycles in Peoria with a new electronic check-in/registration process and our customary rider’s meeting. We then proceeded to leave the dealership and roll down the Loop 101 to the I-10 and then off on the newly opened last year Loop 202. We then rejoined I-10 but heading south now until we got off in the Catalina area where we snaked our way to Mt Lemmon on surface streets.

Making our way to Mt Lemmon is normally an arduous process of traffic and lights all the way to the nirvana that the Catalina Highway is as it makes its way up the mountain. Some of the pain has been alleviated by widening of the roads in recent years but it’s still a slow process.

Once on the mountain though, it is easy to forget the ride up to that point as the road gets twisty and the temperatures drop. We were all kind of on our own at this point. I was leading a group of riders on my Harley but at a comfortable and safe point, I waved everyone by. I can/will push it only so hard before things start to touch down and/or wobble.

Choices for lunch were the Iron Door and the Saw Mill where our group was pretty much a 50/50 split between the two. I ate at the Iron Door where their homemade desserts are pretty damn awesome. As usual, lunch and dessert did not disappoint!

It was great to see some of our usual faces along with some new ones! This ride was especially enjoyable for me as DJ’s son Joshua joined us on his own bike! He’s been on this ride before as a passenger and I gave him his first ride on a motorcycle back around 2002. Great to see that there are possibilities with the next generation! Enjoy the photos below!