Ride Check-In Procedures

Parts Unkown, AZ

As you may well know, we are an American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Chartered Club and all of our rides are sanctioned by the AMA.  There are some minor changes that are required for us to make to remain in compliance with with our sanction.

We are required to collect name, address, phone and email for each of our participants.  If you register online on our website, you will already have provided all of the information we need.  We encourage you to continue to do so and thank you!  

At check in for a ride, we will ask if you registered for the ride only, if you did, you will only need to sign our waiver along with filling out GO AZ’s waiver form as we have been doing.

If you are a “walk-up”, you will be asked to fill in your name, address, phone and email on a separate registration sheet and then sign the necessary waivers.   If you are an AMA member, we will only require your name and current AMA member number for a walk up registration.  You will still need to fill and sign waivers.

To save time, we encourage you to register online.  This is all required in order to participate in our rides.  Thanks for your understanding.  Happy lawyers = happy life!