Ride Check In Procedure Change

by El Presidente

Effective starting on our Leap Year Day Ride on February 29th the following change to check-in has been made:

We will no longer be able to arrive with pre-printed GO AZ waivers to check in to rides. GO AZ Motorcycles has informed us that due to rolling changes to their ride waivers, we will no longer be able to pre-fill out ride waivers as they will need to have the latest version available at the time filled out. Unfortunately, this will slightly elongate the check-in process in the morning. Please arrive as close to the meet time as possible to expedite check-in procedures so that we can have our rider’s meeting and get out of dodge on time!

As a reminder, at check in time, there will be a GO AZ waiver to fill out along with one from the AMA to sign and print. At this time you’ll receive a wrist band and ride sticker (when applicable). At this time, please feel free to mill about the dealership and don’t be shy about buying something. There may be something on sale that you need/want! Roughly 10-15 minutes before departure time, there will be a mandatory rider’s meeting talking about basic safety and our riding etiquette a basic overview of what to expect on the ride ahead.

Thank you for your support and we’ll see you on the road!