Southern Arizona Tour Recap

GO AZ Motorcycles Peoria

We are all meeting at GoAZ Motorcycles, Peoria.  The GOAZ/AZRATPack Southern Arizona Tour to the Shady Dell in Bisbee, AZ. will start shortly!!. Wow its early, I know that because I just ordered a Moons over my Hammy at IHOP. The waitress said “Moons are to the West and MyHammy” is to the east (its a Dennys thing).. People started arriving early at IHOP at 7 checked or at the shop at 8a checkin for a 8:30 prompt departure.  This year we have quite a turnout!   Thiry riders at final count. We have riders from CA, TX and PARTS UKNOWN (PU)… LOL. In addition some Husband/Wives and children came out. 

AZRATPack sponsor GOAZ had a nice assortment of shirts and giveaways at the start for our participants. We visited the dealership, had our riders meeting, used the facilities and prepped to leave.  GOAZ would later surprise us at the finish.. 
Before leaving reports came in of road closures around the valley. It was decided to change the route to the 101 N toward the 51 toward the airport, then onto towards Marana, AZ. The change in route was painless and we did not experience any unusual traffic or delay.  Now, rolling toward Tucson , the oh so dreaded I-10… amazingly the time to our gas stoat the Marana exit seemed to pass quickly…
Our stop for the day is the Shady Dell iin Bisbee AZ. For those who’ve never heard of it, it is a group of various pre-1955 traveler trailers, bus or boat converted into motel rooms. Each trailer is different and decorated appropriately to the period. YES there are bathrooms, showers and AIR CONDITIONING.  Since our first visit to the Shady Dell (a long time ago PC pre-covid)) the destination has changed with an onsite restaurant called DOTs, that serves breakfast, and a bar. They continue to have BBQ pits that guests are welcome to use…  All really nice changes with little change in price. Upon announcement of this event the Shady Dell ran out of trailers immediately. If ya didn’t get into the the Dell you could get a room at the Copper Queen. THE HAUNTED COPPER QUEEN with the cool bar in the front. You want a room on the THIRD floor for the haunted action. The Queen has beautiful period decor and near town centre. , Sorry all couldnt have rooms at the SHADY.
Quick Note: Bisbee doesn’t have any public transport. No taxi , public buss, uber, Lyft, GOOBER.. Two people had cars and a few trips were made.
Leaving Marana we are headed south toward Arivaca close to the Mexico border. We pass by the town of Three Points and the Marana Regional Airport, full of mothballed commercial airliners.. The road soon turns into two lane slightly twisted road going through farms and ranches. The road is entertaining. Ninety minutes from Marana we are in Arivaca. We arrive at the  La Gitania Cantina and Cafe right across from the Mercantile. After grabbing a simple lunch and a visit to the Mercantile which as amazing historic inside we start the push toward the finish, the DELL. 
Its three hours to go… back to the I-19 then to Sahuarita, Sierra Vista or Tombstone or, , then into Bisbee… It seemed to take awhile and at the same time seemed to pass quickly with excitement building for the end of the day. Passing through the tunnel into Bisbee is the event telling you its over. The end came around 4p. Pulling up to the DELL was a happy feeling…  
Earlier I said GOAZ our sponsor would have a surprise for us. GOAZ decided sponsor an onsite BBQ at the Dell for all participants. Several RATPACK members  rode down ahead of time  with supplies (in car) to make for a fun BBQ. Some went shopping locally to get the rest of the food.  As everyone settled in from the road the cooking started and the merry conversation started with drinks they could purchase onsite. A few car rides from the Queen got everyone together.  A lot of fun and relaxation was had by all.  
Family Moment: Riding on this trip was DJ and Melinda Dominguez, Long, long time AZRATPack members. It was great to see them. In recent years they haven’t been able to make all the events. They dived right in and helped us cook, lead on the rd and whatever nutty thing that came up. A special part of this trip is they brought their son Josh and his girlfriend Caitlyn (sp?).  They are our riding family, with Josh coming along with the RATPACK for his early rides!! And later rising his own bike.  We were all surprised to meet his lovely girlfriend and to also find out he will be leaving us very soon  🙁 to join a THREE LETTER governmental agency. He will be away for number of years. (Its classified).  Please join us all in wishing this fine young man the best of luck with life and career and to his parents in saying we are all very proud of him !!!  Josh, come back and ride with us when you can!!
Others guests staying at the SHADY thought our activity was so much fun they wanted to buy tickets so they could join in.  The next morning had a variety of activities. Some took off for long trips home, some went to local favorites for breakfast, Bisbee Coffee Company (excellent), Bisbee Breakfast Club – long time favorite, and the new DOTs restaurant, onside at the SHADY. Some went to visit Tombstone and others went to the local MINE Tour… 
You can’t have a AZRATPACK event without saying THANKS to:
Sebastian Spall – Road Captain/ElChinoLoco – Board Members helped assemble the route, locations and acquired foodDean Saracco – Sweep, Support
Volunteers – DJ and Melinda Dominguez, Todd “Ducati” Hammer, Jolynn Chew, Mara Saracco
Sponsors: GOAZ Motorcycles of Peoria, GoAZ Motorcycles of Scottsdale, Emily Pieper, Brian Ruiterman 

Thank You all for making this another GREAT RATPack event !!!! Make sure to come to our next event The Route 66 Tour in June.. Get your kicks on Route 66.