2021 GO AZ Motorcycles Ride Series Award Recipients

Since 2016, we have given out awards annually, except in 2020 for obvious reasons, to participants in the rides that we partner with GO AZ Motorcycles. It is with great pleasure that we get back to a little normalcy and announce our awards recipients for 2021.

Titanium Award

This is awarded to riders that rode all the rides in 2021:

  • Carl “KSolo” Harris
  • Philippe Murat
  • Victor “El Presidente” Castaneda Jr

Carbon Fiber Award

This is awarded to riders that rode all three overnight rides in 2021:

  • Dagame Dominguez
  • Fernando Ramos
  • James Jewell
  • Les Finkel
  • Melinda Dominguez
  • Rodney Chew

Aluminum Award

This is awarded to the rider that rode all three single day rides in 2021

  • Mitchell Mastrin

Congratulations to all of the award recipients especially those of you in hard-core Titanium Club!