August General Membership Meeting & Dinner Recap

Taco Guild, Phoenix, AZ

Monsoon strikes again! What turned out to be a mostly overcast day with temperatures in the 90’s, ended up in rainy mess by the time to leave for dinner rolled around. I was looking forward to riding my motorcycle!

Taco Guild is a converted church that was originally built in 1893 and rebuilt in 1955 following a fire. When I arrived, I was wondering why it was so busy and hard to find a parking spot on a Tuesday night. Then it finally dawned on me, duh, Taco Tuesday!

Our 8 top table got full pretty fast and when we tried to fit the 13th person in, some of us decided to sit at the bar where there was plenty of room. I’d have to say the tacos were excellent! One of the tacos I had was the Chipotle Cherry Steak and will have to say that it was one of the best tasting tacos I’ve had! The Horchata Chocolate Cake was pretty good too (see photo below)!

As always, it was great to see everyone! We all chatted about the upcoming Alien Abduction Grand Tour along with the Route 66 Tour coming not too long after along with other interesting subjects! Hope to see you all at breakfast in a couple of weeks!