Registration For All 2023 Rides Open, Possible Change To March Tour

Parts Unknown, AZ

We are happy to announce that registration for all 2023 rides is open.  Full details on all of the rides will be updated as soon as they become available so check often!

Also, Ride Chair, El Chino Loco is going to revisit the original concept for the 2-Day Tour set for March 25-26 that was originally set to go into California and ride around the Salton Sea.

The concept for the ride may be either altered slightly or completely changed.  Here’s what was originally planned:

March 25-26: Dunes To Sea Tour

Start Time: TBD

Start Location: GO AZ Motorcycles Peoria

End Location:  TBD

Chair: El Chino Loco

The dates will stay the same.  We’ll announce changes ASAP!