December Club Breakfast Recap

Matt’s Big Breakfast – Phoenix, AZ

I had all the intentions of riding to breakfast this morning, just before I was to leave I took the dogs to the back yard for a quick stretch, that was when I noticed the frost on the grass. I knew the streets were safe to ride. I just did not want to start looking for the additional layer and winter gloves needed to make the trek. So off I went on my 4 wheel beast.

The restaurant was very accommodating to us, they normally do not take reservations, but after speaking with the manager for about 5 minutes she assured me that we will be seated together with no issues.

This was my first time at Matt’s Big Breakfast. I was not too hungry but my meal came out fast and hot. Overall the food was good and our server was attentive. I would visit this restaurant again, maybe next time closer to my side of town.

If you have any suggestions for possible future restaurants, please let me know atĀ [email protected].