Ride Starts & Alternate Meet Points

Parts Unkown, AZ

It has come to my attention that there was a bit of confusion and some disorganization at the start of the Southern Arizona Tour. I would like to re-iterate the procedures that has already been established by the club’s Board of Directors for the start of each ride.

  1. Sign in is at the designated start of the ride.
  2. Everyone is required to print their name, legibly, and sign the AMA ROL. It is GO AZ’s requirement that you fill out their ROL.
  3. There are no alternate start/meet points or arrangements to “pick up people on the way” on any rides unless stated on the event page on azratpack.com

If you join up on any ride from any point other than the designated start location and have not signed an ROL, you are technically not on the ride. You will not receive any credit for participating and may be asked not to ride with the group.

In the grand scheme of things, adding another 20-30 miles (in my case sometimes 50+), to a 200+ mile day(s) on your motorcycle is not so bad.

Sorry to be a bit stiff on this but as group sizes get bigger, we need to stick with these procedures in order to keep our events organized and safe.

Please feel free to talk to any board member, the ride chair or myself with any questions.