Route 66 Tour: Great 1st Multi-day Ride & Updates

Parts Unkown, AZ

by El Presidente

The 2019 Route 66 Tour is fast approaching!  This is a great ride to go on if you’ve been pining for going on a multi-day trip but haven’t had the confidence on going on one by yourself.  With short riding days and frequent stops, this is the perfect ride to get started on!  Also, since we’re never really that far away from civilization, you can always pick something up at the store that you may have forgotten to pack or for a circumstance that you didn’t plan for (cold weather).  Heck, we’ll be passing not too far away from one GO AZ’s newest locations in Flagstaff.

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The gpX-Files

By El Presidente

As the Board of Directors of this club is putting together the 2020 ride schedule, I thought it would be a great time to write about a couple things I found when importing GPX files of trips that someone else has routed on Basecamp or another mapping software.

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Route 66 Tour Details Announced

Parts Unkown, AZ

by El Presidente

Join us for a ride that has been a long standing tradition of our club.  Our annual Route 66 Tour will start in Scottsdale then lend you an opportunity to live “Take It Easy” by the Eagles and “Stand on the corner of Winslow, Arizona”.  We will then head west on as much of the Mother Road as possible and end the night in historic Williams.  The next morning, we will roll through Ash Fork and head into Seligman for breakfast, the town that inspired the original Disney movie, “Cars”.  After breakfast we will continue on Route 66 and make stops in Hackberry, Kingman and historic Oatman where Clark Gable and Carol Lombard spent their wedding night.  We will then head for Laughlin, NV and the Colorado Belle for a stop for the night.  On Sunday morning, we’ll get up early and head to a more modern Route 66 attraction, Topock66 for breakfast.  From here,  you’re on your own to head back home via the route of your choosing.

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July General Membership Meeting & Dinner Recap

Culinary Dropout @ The Yard, Phoenix, AZ – July 25, 2019

by El Presidente

This month’s dinner was at the site where our original club sponsors, Phoenix International Motorsports who later became Triumph Superstore used to reside. Since, Fox Concepts have taken over and converted the old dealership into one of the hottest spots to hang out and get a bite and/or a drink in Central Phoenix.

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July 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

Nichol’s West, Congress, AZ – July 14, 2019

by El Presidente

Today was promising to be either really hot or “monsoony” when I left the house on my Honda. The ride up was somewhat cool and overcast, but at least dry and not very humid which made for a nice ride up through Wickenburg and into Congress for this morning’s 2nd Sunday Breakfast at Nichol’s West, a perennial favorite of the club’s.

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Please RSVP

I’d like to clear up a little confusion as to how and why to RSVP to any of our events.  Here are some guidelines for you:

  • Please always RSVP on the website.  This makes it easy for us to get an accurate count in one place for who’s attending an event.  Very important for 2nd Sunday Breakfast and General Membership Meetings & Dinner that involve restaurants.  If we have a good amount of RSVPs, we will call ahead, make a reservation or simply give a warning that a large group is coming.  This will help us have enough spots at the table for people to sit and eat comfortably.
  • Facebook RSVPs will not be counted!  Always follow the link on the Facebook Event page to our website to RSVP.
  • Entering bike information helps us determine how to divide groups on a ride and alerts us of what type of group is coming.  That way we know if we’re going to have a bunch of cruisers or sport bikes or both!
  • In the future, we will be using the RSVP on the website as a check in for an event.

Thanks for being a member and if you’re not, you can become one here!

June 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

Lakeshore Restaurant, Mesa, AZ – June 9, 2019

by El Presidente

This morning’s ride to Saguaro Lake started for me in Buckeye with temps in the mid 70’s. I was very excited to take the Honda across town because of the great weather! I wasn’t disappointed! I left my garage at about 7:00 AM for the 65 mile trek across town. I wasn’t in a real rush because I had gotten a report that the Lakeshore Restaurant opened at 9, not at our breakfast meet time of 8.

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May General Membership Meeting & Dinner Recap

Pacific Seafood Buffet, Chandler, AZ – May 30, 2019

by El Presidente

This dinner was originally scheduled to be at Airirang Korean BBQ. Rodney and I stopping in on Wednesday night to make sure they had enough staff to accommodate our group. Low and behold, the place had been sold and conditions were quite different! The next morning, the day of the dinner, we decided to move to Pacific Seafood Buffet which was in the same complex.

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May 2nd Sunday Breakfast Recap

Rock Springs Café, Rock Springs, AZ – May 12, 2019

by El Presidente

Our yearly Mother’s Day visit to the Rock Springs Café started with the best weather for a romp up Loop 303 to I-17 and up to Rock Springs. The combination of the cool temperature, overcast skies with the predawn showers made for a nice, crisp smell in the air. Motorcycles are happiest with this type of weather!

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