March Club Breakfast Recap

ShipRock Restaurant – Mesa, AZ

It was a cold morning heading out to Lake Saguaro for the AZRATPack March Breakfast. At Mt Ord the snowflake was blinking on my dash, it was 36 degrees. The BUSH Hiway is always a beautiful ride.  With fewer cars on the road it was a great chance to take in the scenery.

Arriving at the SHIPROCK parking lot were 17+ For breakfast. It was a gorgeous morning to see the sun reflecting off the lake.  It was warming ever so slowly.  The patio at the restaurant had a sunny side and a NOT-SO sunny side. LOL.. We were given a large group table but on the NOT-SO sunny side of the building. Brrrrr.  After a few cups of hot coffee and some great breakfast everyone was warmed up and feeling normal.  The group decided to ride after breakfast. 

Most of the people headed out to Tortilla flats via the Bush Hiway. Our AZRATPack Road Captain, Sebastian Spall was in the lead.   ElChinoLoco chickened out and went to visit a guy w 21 sidecars. A nice breakfast and ride was had by all. 

Les Gullery, a SoCal AZRATpack member happened to be in town to enjoy Portillos (some question his choice 🧐) and hung out for breakfast.  Nice to see you Les! Come hang with us more often !! Thanks all for coming out on a cold morning!!!  Always good to see you all !